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The Preta collection takes its name from the Neapolitan dialect where “preta” means stone, to recall the Neapolitan origins of the Arcucci. This collection is therefore inspired by stone, with an irregular surface and shape. This
collection will bring a breath of joy and conviviality to your table. Its materiality is enhanced by the brilliance
sparkling and very resistant colors, which our master ceramist sprinkles on every object. The use of lower temperatures allows the majolica or ceramic to produce bright and bright colors and glazes. The piece, after having received the color, is completed by brush with the brown edge and dipped in the crystalline before the second final firing at 960 °.

The manufacture of these products is made with artisanal and non-industrial processes. Arcucci ceramic supports, glazed and decorated, with a white base, rich artisan glaze with native minerals, decorated manually with a wide range of warm and lively colors, obtained from natural oxides and with the use of different manual techniques.

The “biscuit” is made by pressing, with sophisticated automatic equipment. Forms of gypsum are used, this material, in fact, absorbs the water of the wet mass. Subsequently, the ceramic body contracts and can therefore be easily extracted from the mold. This process requires both skill and accuracy, as well as special technical training. Like porcelain, it undergoes the first firing to become a biscuit at 750-800 ° C, before being glazed and subjected to a new firing at 850-1100 ° C.